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How to clean quickly and efficiently your home.

Cleaning your house is often a tiring task that you don't often like to do. But with this plan unveiled in the next few lines, housekeeping will not be wasteful, it will be rather fun and quick for all women.



Lamb wool feather duster (attracts dust)

Microfiber cloths (attracts dust well)

Bathroom cleaner (organic preference)

Hardwood cleaner.

Toilet brush

Toothbrush (Old)

Glass cleaner (organic preference)


Degreaser cleaner (organic preference)

White vinegar

Peppermint essential oil (or your choice)

Separate rags and bathroom bottles from those for bedrooms and living rooms.

Good energizing music 💪 .
Are you ready? Let's go


Eliminate any clutter, if in a hurry, collect the clutter in a spare basket or trash can for later organization and out of sight in a sign.
Pass the feather duster with lamb's wool from top to bottom on the corners of the walls, on the frames, lamps ... and on all flat surfaces (furniture, night tables ... etc.). The lambswool feather duster draws in maximum dust and does not move like other standard dusters.
After passing the feather duster, a part of dust is supposed to have fallen on the floor. So we vacuum across the floor and under the bed.
Pass a wet microfiber cloth over the flat surfaces. (as already done with the feather duster) in order to remove all the dust left by the feather duster and created by the air blown by the vacuum cleaner.
Clean the hardwood floor with the appropriate product.

It is effective to clean all bathrooms at the same time.

Take a look around all the bathrooms in the house to spray the baths and showers with the bathroom cleaner, leave to act while you are cleaning the countertops, sink, mirrors and toilets.
Return to baths and showers to clean them, cleaning would be easy after letting the product work.
Use the toothbrush to clean the recesses of the taps.
Clean bathroom floors with a 3 L water solution, vinegar (half small glass), degreasing soap (tablespoon), and 8 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Sale Load all dishes in the dishwasher and replace the sink with warm, soapy water. If the top of your stove has removable burner parts that need to be cleaned, also place them in water.
Spray the inside of the microwave with a degreasing cleaner and leave to act ...
Immerse a microfiber cloth in hot water and wring out the excess, wipe cabinets, countertops, and other surfaces again from top to bottom. Rinse the cloth if necessary.
Wipe the devices. Be careful to clean and shine stainless steel appliances with a suitable product.
Aluminum coated appliances can be easily cleaned with a glass cleaner. It will make them shiny.
Finish cleaning the stove parts and replace them.
Return pass a rag inside the microwave, it is now easy to clean.
Clean the kitchen floor with a clean mop and new water and add white vinegar, degreaser, and essential oil. Same amount as cleaning rooms.
Mop by filling a boiler with hot water, half a small glass of vinegar, ½ tablespoon of a degreaser, and 8 drops of the essential oil of peppermint.
(The objective with this solution of products is not to leave a soapy layer on the floor, to leave a pleasant odor and to make the floor smooth by using vinegar so that the dust of the future does not stick on it…. ).
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